Excellent home education will contribute to children's bright future, and this is why the couples value the importance of their home education. They are fond of taking kids to outdoor activities during free times. In addition, while at home, they wish to set up a natural circumstance and bring in humanistic spirit to give their children the best grown up environment.

  • 建案名稱 | 靜心文匯
  • 空間類型 | 住宅公寓類
  • 空間坪數 | 158.67 m²(47坪)
  • 建案地點 | Taipei


Accordingly, take the advantage of daylight of high floor, completely dismantled the barrier of the living room and dining room, cut and collage the timber of varied proportions, to bring out the layering and lasting appeal of the space, and the setting of softer, less saturated feel makes the space peaceful but full of vitality at the same time.



  1. 玄   關 / Entrance
  2. 客   廳 / Living Room
  3. 餐   廳 / Dining Room
  4. 廚   房 / Kitchen
  5. 衛   浴 / Bathroom
  6. 主臥室 / Master Room
  7. 更衣室 / Walk-in Closet
  8. 主衛浴 / Master Bathroom
  9. 小孩房 / Kid's Room
10. 傭人房 / Maid Room
11. 儲藏室 / Storgage
12. 陽   台 / Balcony

天花板樑柱包裝 延伸開闊視覺感受


Over molded ceiling beam/Extend capacious visual sensation

The house has excellent horizons, day lighting and layout, yet there are beams on the ceiling. The height distance from the floor to the ceiling is 330 cm, however the designer choose to set the lowest point of the ceiling at 240 cm and the highest point at 270 cm, not deliberately elevate the ceiling, keep the height difference within 30 cm. So that the living room and dining room can be at the same flatness, which reduce the spatial discrepancy, thus bring about a capacious interactive space.

電視牆與投影幕並行 多重享受整合


Parallel TV wall and projection curtain/Integration of multiple entertainments

The family members who value family activities spend a great deal of time together in the public area. Accordingly set up both TV wall and projection curtain in the living room. While sitting on the L-shaped sofa, may enjoy every side of the living room. As soon as the projection curtain pull down and turn on the audio equipment, thence feel like being in a small cinema. The half-height TV wall is deliberately not erected in the center of the living room; the reason is that after many times of proportional calculation, it will have a better visual effect if it departs from the center.

材質色彩應用 找到光線最佳引入點


Efficiently applied material coloration / Encounter the best daylight-introducing corner

Employ teak as the majority element, which is deeply fond of the homeowner. However, considering the unpolished texture of teak, light is relative important. Accordingly, setting the whole space of softer, less saturated feel. And smoothly introduced the outdoor light via refraction. In order to avoid the heaviness tinge, erect a part of green wall and select bright hue software to do color jump processing, deepening the sense of delight and vitality of space.

動線重新整合 開放式空間毫無隔閡


Reintegration of circulation /Open space without barriers

Holding on the viewpoint that home is children's playground, therefore stress on the importance of the capacious space. In addition, a specific zone for parents is also essential. The mother is fond of baking, who wishes to have a kitchen that can enjoy cook time with her friends, thereupon particularly construct a white marble island for her. The happiest thing is no more than that while interacting with the loving family can also enjoy doing of interest!

細節極致展現 同材質的不同表現手法


Exquisite details / Varied craftsmanship of the same material

Apply several varied proportion of collage technique on same elements, to present the gradated vision. You might think that the floor wood grain pattern of the living room, foyer and the master bedroom is the same, but if you gaze cautiously, the dimension still can be distinguished. The same technique is also adopt of the kitchen and bathroom floor and wall, which makes people feel balance in the interweaving of the differences while reserving commonness. Consequently imbue the artistic sensation in the details.

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